My name is Lyn Leon Bernstein, I live in Evanston and am the proud owner of my own 24/7 pet care service for all your pet care needs. To care for your pet in their own environment when you are away. What I provide is what you yourself want for your own pets, to receive love, attention and most importantly to feel safe and secure in your absence. My own clients refer to me as the ‘Mary Poppins of Pet Care’. Whether it is a walk around the hood or as close as your backyard, giving my infamous ear rubs or cuddling at night, ‘I make it all about your pet’.
Please let me share my story and ‘what I am all about’.

I have been in the industry for over 18 years. I specialize in the process of bonding and when it comes to your instructions concerning what your pets need, want, and enjoy the most? I follow them through to the letter. As a result, it makes for happy pets, a happy Client, and a happy Lyn.

The Welcome Kit I present to you in our Meet and Greet will contain my credentials; my bond and insurance, my back ground check and tons of references most of which come from this very site. Also included is a profile sheet that will provide me with you and your pets pertinent information. I know how important it is to find reliable, trustworthy care so just knowing a professional is caring for your pets will allow you peace of mind. I would love to send you daily updates via text or email even pics of your pets just being themselves. I do business the old fashion way, based on handshakes with no contract. I am all about developing long-term relationships, to get your business and not your pocketbook. My hobby is my trade, taking care of all animals. When asked, ‘What is your favorite pet? My answer is always the same, ‘any animal with a heartbeat’. I myself have one dog and four cats (one of which is my 21-year-old named Sterling and my new kitty Ashstyn) so always know your pets will have the best of the best care.
Please note: This is not ‘a side job’ for me or ‘something I do in my spare time’. This is what I do by trade. This is my livelihood. Your pets are members of your family and will be cared for as such, because once again, ‘I make it all about your pet’.
I am proud to say, without hesitation, ‘I set the bar for animal care’.
So this is me, this is my story, and ‘this is what I am all about’.
Lyn Leon Bernstein

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